Why Timing Matters So Darn Much | CT Outdoor Photography

Hey guys! So if you've ever worked with me (or for me - heyyyyy, Jenn!) you know that I am pretty pushy about the time of day we do your session at.

I try to be as flexible as possible, especially when working with kids and naps and schedules, but I REALLLLLLLY don't like to budge on the time if I can help it.


In my head it all makes total sense - but I realize I may just seem like a weirdo to clients who have no idea why I care so much - so here is a quick run down of why light matters so much!

1. Photography literally means "to paint with light". We are physically capturing light onto a digital sensor that is creating your images. THIS is why having the right kind of light for our session matters more than anything else.

2. The best light? It's soft, warm, and low in the sky. It creates soft shadows with low contrast, which is the style of photography that I love. This beauteous light only occurs in the early morning for about 1.5 hours past sunrise, and in the evening for about 1.5 hours before sunset.

3. When we shoot during "off" times (when the light is not the best) it will limit us as to where we can shoot. We will be forced to shoot mostly in the shade. When the light isn't soft and low in the sky it means it's bright, hot, and high. Say that we are shooting in the middle of a big grassy field at this time - this light will cause big shadows where your eyes are, make the whole background super bright and distracting, and also it will reflect the green color of the grass back ONTO YOUR FACE AND BODY. This is definitely not flattering light for anyone!

4. Even when it's cloudy, the direction of the light still matters. You may not be able to see the sun, but a good photographer can tell where it is and what direction it's coming from to use that to make their images look the way they want them too in a way that is consistent to their quality of work.


So bottom line, if you are in LOVE with the work that a photographer posts on their website, social media, etc. then it's in your absolute best interest to have your session at whatever time of day they suggest. Trust their judgement and make adjustments to your own schedule in order to make it work. Candy and coffee certainly help. It will always be worth it!


Just this past winter I got my whole family up and out of the house to drive an hour to have our portraits taken at 7am! (They really do love me haha) So I promise you that I practice what I preach!

(Image by TG Photography)

(Image by TG Photography)

Until next time, have an amazing day my loves!


PS - if you're a photographer looking for help on planning your session times, I use and love this website to track sunrise/sunsets for where ever I'm traveling to! It also helps to use the compass feature on your iPhone on cloudy days to figure out where the sun is ;)