It's Your Wedding Day - Why Do a First Look!?

Hey guys!

You may know that in the last two years I've only taken on about 5-6 weddings per year. I used to shoot about 15-20, but since having the kids I really relish my time home with them and didn't want to give up so many of our weekends - so I made the decision to pull back from weddings for this season of life.


I still absolutely LOVE photographing weddings, engagements, and elopements!  They are amazingly special times in the story of you life and getting to be a part of that is a huge honor for me. So after ten years in this business, I wanted to share some helpful tips that will help any future bride out a little in planning her big day!


So....what exactly is a First Look?!

Simple! It's when a couple decides to see each other before the actual wedding ceremony. This is usually a well coordinated event that makes for really heart felt images. Your photographer will make sure no one else is around, and have you walk up to your bride or groom with their back turned to you. When you're ready, you get to tap them on the shoulder and then they get to turn around and be amazed in all of your wedding day beauty! Not only does it make for beuatiful pictures, but it is a super intimate moment in an otherwise crazy ass day. Think about it - your wedding day is typically on a time line from like the minute you wake up until the end of the reception! It's a day all about the two of you and your love, yet you get little to no time alone together. This intimacy creates such a loving little bubble for you two to just be in awe of what the day truly means.

It also takes SO MUCH PRESSURE off of you guys for the big "walking down the isle" moment! I find it's so hard for brides and grooms to be fully emotionally in the moment when walking down the isle because, you know, everyone is staring at you! They are all waiting and watching to see how you'll react and that kind of pressure makes people clam up and have a weird smile on their races. Also, you're probably trying not to trip over your dress or drop your've got enough to worry about!


Now, in practical terms? It's SUPER helpful to your days timeline! Setting aside time for a first look will give you time to do your wedding day portraits without all of the post-ceremony rush. Trying to cram in family portraits, bridal party photos, AND pictures of just the two of you into the hour you're given (cocktail hour) is never easy. Having a first look allows you some room to breathe, as well as allowing the two of you to actually attend and ENJOY  your own cocktail hour! Imagine that! (And think of all of the good food!)

Also, this gives your photographer time to go photograph all of your beautiful Pinterest-worthy reception details. It's so nice to be able to head into the reception venue without having jackets on chairs, and purses and drinks all over the tables. It allows us time to do what we do best and capture everything the way it was designed to look before hundreds of people get in there.


On a personal note, Jeff and I decided to do a first look when we got married! The thing that surprised me most? Well I am a super laid back person by nature, but our wedding day had me STRESSING THE F OUT. Trying to coordinate everyone, dealing with a downpour of rain, and just all of the emotions of the day flooded my brain and I was not having fun. When I got to the beach for our first look, I was SO excited! Once Jeff turned around and I got to hug him, see him in his tux, kiss his face and talk to him I was instantly more relaxed. It made me remember that all that mattered was this - us - and all of the rest was just details.

(Image by EE Photography)

(Image by EE Photography)


Until next time, have an amazing day my loves!