How to Nail Your Baby's First Cake Smash in Five Easy Steps!


I always LOVE doing cake smash sessions here in the studio and over the years have developed some super helpful tips to make sure we get not only the pictures we're looking for, but making sure you baby has a good time too!

1. Skip the Fondant! It may look super pretty and Pinterest-y but it's hard to "smash", and doesn't melt away like frosting or whipped cream which can actually be a choking hazard.

2. Plan the cake smash for when your baby typically gets hungry. This may seem like an obvious one but trying to get them to eat cake after a big meal will sometimes mean they're simply not interested.

3. Do a trial run! I know it not be as fun sounding, but try giving your kiddo a bit of frosting or cake a few days before the cake smash. See how they feel about the taste and textures, and also this helps determine if they're going to have any allergies to any of the standard cake ingredients.

4. Leave the cake out so it gets smushy! Take it out of the fridge an hour or two before you're ready to smash (unless it's crazy warm out, then a half hour should be fine). This will help the frosting and cake to be softer, easier to eat, and of course nice and messy!

5. Your little one not into sweets?! It happens! (crazy, right?) I've got the best trick for this one - remove a small chunk of cake from the back, and stuff a few of their favorite crackers or puffs into the opening! This way you can still get your "eating cake" pictures with out them having to actually eat cake. Feel free to smudge some frosting on their cheeks and hands too to really sell it!


I hope you have so much fun at your baby's first birthday, and that these tips help you both to have a wonderful time doing the big Cake Smash that we all love! If you have any questions or want to know more, just give me a shout and say hello!


Happy Smashing!


*PS - I almost forgot! When doing the cake smash, it's so important to know when to call it quits. You want your baby to have fun so if it's not happening maybe just try again the next day. Or if they only have fun for five minutes, and want out? Let them know that's totally cool! It's better to have two great images then 100 miserable ones. Making cute pictures is fun, but having a great time doing it is even more important! :)